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Stop and Search? This Poor Community in Brazil Says Yes, Please.

Rio De Janeiro: To quell a burst of carjackings, supermarket lootings and murders, military troops rolled into this tropical metropolis last month heading straight for the slums. They set up checkpoints and sent armed patrols to root out criminals, searching everyone from children to...

Meet the Dark Side of Brazil’s Legendary Rio Carnival

Brazil’s female samba dancers the spill the beans on the darker side of working at the iconic Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Viviane Morais Ferreira Guimarães, 24, works for a living as a street pizza saleswoman, but when the Carnival is in full swing, she dons...

Latin America Makes History In 2016

Satisfaction! On March 25, just one day after the end of a historic visit from US President Barack Obama, who was the first US president to visit Cuba in 88 years, the Rolling Stones played Havana. Tens of thousands of Cubans poured into the Ciudad...