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Why Is Costa Rica Voting On Easter Sunday?

Costa Rica has presidential elections every four years. The election is held in February, with the newly elected president taking office the following May 8. In February's election, if no candidate wins more than 40% of the vote, the two best performing candidate go head-to-head...

The Alvarados Tied In Latest Costa Rica Election Poll

Former Minister of Labor and Social Security, Carlos Alvarado and - no relation - Evangelical singer, Fabricio Alvarado are tied in the race to be Costa Rica's next president. According to a poll released Tuesday, 41% plan to vote for Carlos, while 39% would vote...

Presidential Candidates “Light” On Economic Plans

With only weeks to go for the second round of Costa Rica's presidential election on April 1, little has emerged on the economic plans of Fabricio Alvarado, the candidate of the Partido Restauración Nacional (PRN). His opponent Carlos Alvarado -  no relation - of Partido Accion...