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Are Electric Bikes The Solution To San Jose Traffic Congestion

Q COSTA RICA - The electric bicycle may be the solution for many to the ever-growing traffic congestion that has gridlocked the greater metropolitan area of San Jose (GAM). travelling to up three hours a day to and from work on bus can easily be...

Bus Operators Propose “Odd” and “Even” Day To Vehicular Restrictions of San Jose

TICO BULL by Rico – Here’s a half-brained idea to solve the worsening problems of traffic congestion in San Jose and surrounding areas. We can all agree that the situation has gotten worse and is getting worse. There isn’t an area in the Greater Metropolitan...

San Jose Already Has A Charge To Enter Its Vehicular Restriction

(TICO BULL by Rico) The ministry of Non Transport and Public Works (NO-MOPT) is considering charging a “toll” to enter the vehicle restricted area of San Jose. The toll to enter the restricted area of San Jose is ¢27,187 colones, but only if you get...