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Gang Prevention in Central America: A Lost Battle Against State Indifference?

(Insightcrime.org)  With migrants fleeing murder and violence in droves and the evident flop of repressive policies in the Northern Triangle, gang prevention and rehabilitation programs seem evermore appealing. But their impact will continue to be limited unless governments invest time and resources in more...

How Will Colombia’s Next President Fight Organized Crime?

(Insightcrime.org) Colombia’s presidential election, scheduled for May 27, comes at a critical time in the country’s history. The peace process with the FARC is underway, but new criminal dynamics are presenting challenges that the next president will have to face. Although every candidate has...

InSight Crime’s 2017 Homicide Round-Up In Latin America & Caribbean

(Insightcrime.org) Record highs, all-time lows, and a few surprises: 2017 proved a remarkable year in terms of homicide rates for many countries across Latin America and the Caribbean. Once again, InSight Crime presents its annual homicide round-up to give a snapshot of murder rates around...