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Vogue Brazil Boss Quits After Her BDay Photos Slammed for ‘Praising’ Slavery

Racism-related scandals might seem the latest trend for key players in the fashion world. After Dolce & Gabanna had to apologize to China over a controversial ad, the media giant CondeNast and the Brazilian edition of its world-famous brand have landed in hot water...

Modern slavery and tourism: when holidays and human exploitation collide

Holidays are a privilege that many who are fortunate to take them look forward to. They are an opportunity to indulge, relax and recharge – and what could be better than being able to do so while doing good? But the costs of production of...

Is There Slavery in Latin America?

(Q24N) The stolen freedom of hundreds of people, mostly women, is one of the Latin America’s hurdles nowadays. A crime without borders in a world where it deprives impunity. Human trafficking has claimed at least 12 million victims in 2016, according to the United Nations....