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This One I Did Not Know

One thing about living in Costa Rica or "Ticolandia" are the little nuances in daily life. Even after living in the country for many years, more than two decades in my case, there is something wonderful and new to learn. This is one of them......

Heredia Police Take Cue From Resident To Help Feed Stray Dogs

Ever thought of helping out street dogs? Taking a cue from a Heredia resident, the San Pablo de Heredia the municipal are taking action to feed the street dogs of their community. Using PVC piping, the officials of this Heredia community are creating refillable feeders. "These...

Castration Campaigns Cut Back Stray Population

QCOSTARICA by Mitzi Stark - Years ago it was common to see packs of stray dogs roaming city streets, looking for hand outs around the central markets. Little by little that population has been reduced. Even now the few street animals who live in the...