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U.S. Keeps Costa Rica in Suspense Over Request For Tariff Exemptions On Aluminum and Steel Exports

The US government keeps Costa Rica and its steel and aluminum exporters in suspense. The Trump administration has yet to answer the requests made by way of the US Embassy in San Jose that the new tariffs products made of steel and aluminum, respectively,...

Costa Rica to seek bilateral US steel tariff deal

Costa Rica's government plans to seek a bilateral agreement with the US on steel shipments following last week's announcement of a 25% tariff on all US steel imports, according to the country's Ministry of Foreign Trade. "Costa Rica has been clear in arguing that the...

The Never Ending Tariff Conflict between Panama and Colombia

The Panamanian government has decided to increase, in some cases by up to 30%, import tariffs on several products, including flowers, cement and bituminous coal, most of which are imported from the South American country. According to a Cabinet Decree published on January 10 in...