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The 4 Rudest Things You Can Do As An Air Traveler and How To Avoid Them

Manners and common courtesies are magnified when dozens or even hundreds of people are confined to a tight space. Multiply that tenfold when that tight space is about to hurdle at 800 km/h (500 mph) through the air, most likely with an ocean or...

What Are The Best Airport Tips?

Here are some tips that will be useful to all travelers, economy and business. Some are more for economy, some others more business or 'clase ejecutiva' in Spanish. Since I have been on both sides (free upgrades) I thought I'd share them with you. ...

Better Safe Than Sorry: Travel Tips

People often hear stories of travel incidents but they don't think it'll happen to them. Two of the biggest problems for travelers are stolen, damaged or lost passports, and medical emergencies. Many travelers think their country's healthcare will cover their medical needs while traveling. In...