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Free to ride!

To the free, motorcyclists assume that the vehicular inspection - RITEVE - does not exist for them. Nor do the rules of the road, common sense and respect for other vehicles and pedestrians, for that matter.

“Recurso” (Appeal) Filed Against The RTV Roadside Inspections

Not totally unexpected, a citizen filed a 'recurso de amparo' (appeal) against the RTV and the Ministry of Transportation for the mobile inspection units that went into service last week, that perform, at the request of a traffic officer (Transito), a roadside vehicle inspection. The...

Driver Will Be Fined If Vehicle Fails The Roadside Inspection

Motorcycles, cars, big trucks, anything that moves on the roads of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) in less than optimal condition will be subject to a roadside inspection and fined is not complying with the minimum standards set by the Ministry of Transport. The Policia...

Riteve Got More Expensive This Week

After more than a decade without a rate increase, the cost for a vehicle inspection at the Riteve went up this week to ¢13,405 colones, up from ¢12,160, for a vehicle under 3.5 tons. This is the third increase in a year. The first increase...

Only In Pura Vida, “Chuzos” Donated By U.S. Embassy Fail Riteve!

From the "that can't be but true" department in the land of Pura Vida, the three "chuzos" donated by the United States to fight crime in Costa Rica hit a roadblock, the Riteve inspection. In a report by La Teja, the three specialized vehicles for...