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US Navy Hospital Ship to Deploy to Colombia

The United States is sending a U.S. Navy hospital ship to Colombia to help treat some of the hundreds of thousands of people who have poured over the border fleeing violence in Venezuela. Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class Taryn Armington and Sonar Technician (Surface) Seaman Darian...

Venezuela Accuses European Parliament of Encouraging Violence

Right-wing opposition protesters in Venezuela have left over 70 dead. | Photo: Reuters A Venezuelan diplomat accused the European Parliament Monday of approving resolutions that have a “negative effect on Venezuela because they encourage violence instead of condemning it explicitly.” “The position of the European Parliament...

Inside Venezuela’s anti-government protests

María Alvarez says she has been taking part in marches since 2002 Venezuelans angry with the government of President Nicolas Maduro have been taking to the streets almost daily since the beginning of April. Despite dozens of people being killed in protest-related violence, the demonstrations...