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The Volcanos Of Central America (By Country)

Among the things most loved by travelers to Central America is the volcanos. Ok, the beaches are great. The rivers, the forests, the lakes, all nice. But a volcano trumps them all. The isthmus is located along the Ring of Fire and that has meant...

Images And Video of Poas Volcano Eruption Of Aug 1, 2017

Images and video by the Red Sismológica Nacional (National Seismological Network) of the Poas Volcano eruption of August 1, 2017, starting at 5:45 pm. The column of ash and gases scattered to the west according to the wind direction indicated by the IMN (National weather...

Poas Eruptions Triggered GAM Air Pollution

Q COSTA RICA -The Poas volcano eruptions are triggering air pollution in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) of San Jose at levels that exceed the maximum values ​​allowed by the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that the residents of GAM that includes the capital...