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What’s In A Name?

The MOPT, through its various sub-agencies, builds and maintains and assures our safety on the roads. Well, that is the goal. In reality, we all know how inefficient and incompetent the Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Transportes can be. The latest case to come to light...

It Got Worse. The Chilimate-Vuelta Kooper Floods On Friday Also.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Transport (MOPT) inaugurated the Chilamate (Saripiqui) - Vuelta Kooper (San Carlos) road. On Thursday it flooded. But the flooding is not more than 15 minutes, said the MOPT. On Friday, it flooded again. Worse than Thursday and a lot longer...

Road Between Chilamate – Vuelta Kooper Floods One Day After Inauguration

  It was on Wednesday that the Government of Luis Guillermo Solis inaugurated the new road between Bajos de Chilamate ien Sarapiquí and Vuelta de Kooper in San Carlos, providing a shorter access to the Puerto Limon. And today, the day after its inauguration, that the...