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Country Could Face Serious Water Shortage!

The dry season has forced water rationing affecting thousands of people daily, with no drinking water for a few hours up to 12 hours and no water at all in places like La Carpio. The country could face a serious water shortage if no...

[BLOG] A Possible Solution For The Guanacaste Water Shortage?

QCOSTARICA BLOGS - Last Tuesday, May 10th, the President signed a Presidential Decree prohibiting the drilling of new water wells in the Province of Guanacaste, for a three year period. On Friday, May 13th, the ASADA (Community Water Directorate) for Potrero, Guanacaste, denied the...

Residents of Puriscal Live With Only 4 Hours of Water Daily

(QCOSTARICA) -- Puriscaleños (residents of Puriscal) have to juggle their lives to live on only four hours of potable water  a day. Yamileth Astorga, head of the Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) - water and sewer utility - said rationing in the area (from Puriscal to...