A total of 502,492 bottles of liquor were seized by Policía de Control Fiscal (PCF) – Tax Police – from a Heredia distributor.

The seized merchandise will be returned once the taxpayer pays the fine. Photo: Ministry of Finance.

In the operation they seized 9,454 bottles of whiskey, 343,303 of beer and 149,735 of other liquors.

The owner of the business is accused of violating Law 8707, of Creation of the Tax Registry of Importers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Alcoholic Beverages.

The taxpayer faces a fine of two base salaires, a total of ¢862,000 colones (US$1,500 dollars).

“Once paid, the taxpayer can then request the return of the confiscated merchandise returned,” explained the director of the PCF, Irving Malespín.

Malespín added that seizures in Heredia have been frequent in recent months. Between May and July, 12 businesses were closed by the municipality after Fiscal Control operations found contraband liquor.

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