IMAS, the Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social – Costa Rica ( Institute for Social Assistance) has found a little known regulation that allows this fine organization to tax the sex trade without calling it “sex”.

IMAS will be charging “motels”, un-registered hotels, massage parlors, and night clubs with “room service” a 30% tax on gross revenues in accordance with Law No. 8343, of Costa Rica.

The word “sex tax” and for sure the words, “tax sex for sale” are never used by Fernando Marin, CEO, certainly indicated.

This also applies to “un registered lodging” which might be interpreted as a condo on the beach rented out to a family of four.

IMAS shall have access to receipts and ledgers which is questionable because typically the sex trade is cash ‘n carry.

However, the institution has collect over 177.7 billion colons already this year and this is all for the common good.

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