While the Interlinea or intersectoral buses are readying to roll, with the aim to ease the traffic chaos in San José be ready for worst times as taxi drivers opposed to the new service ready to take to the streets in protest.

The Unión de Taxistas Costarricenses (Costa Rican Taxi Drivers Union) objects to the interliena bus operation which is scheduled for next week, with routes between Escazu-Uruca, Uruca-Guadalupe and Moravia-Desamparados.

This was confirmed on Saturday the secretary general of the union, Ruben Vargas, who claimed that the bus service means unfair competition against taxi drivers because they take away customers traveling with them.

He added that taxi drivers will be affected not only by the loss of customers, but also because the buses will cause more traffic congestion.

The union leader said they will wait for the buses to start rolling before deciding on any type of action.

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