Formal taxis are against Uber starting operations in the country

(qQCOSTARICA) – tax drivers say they will take to the streets Wednesday to demonstrate their solidarity against Uber coming to Costa Rica.

The leaders of the taxi drivers say the meeting place will be in front of the Colombian Embassy in San Pedro, at 10:00am, from there decide their protest route, that could include “tortuguismo” – purpose slowing down of traffic – and blockades.

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The decision to meet in front of the Colombian Embassy in San Jose is in support of  protest march by taxi drivers in Bogota against Uber.

“The greatest struggle in the history of the guild is coming,” said a statement to the press by the national federation of taxi cooperatives – Fenacootaxi, who is completely against Uber in Costa Rica under any circumstances.

“We’ve had many problems with the informal taxis in Costa Rica, and now anyone can haul passengers, without controls from the state,” said Gilbert Ureña, president of Fenacootaxi.

The local guild says it will be coordinating with its Mexican counterparts to join the international movement against Uber.

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