(QCOSTARICA) How much does a taxi ride cost from say the San Jose airport to La Sabana? Under normal circumstances, around ¢12,000 colones; in Friday afternoon rush hour add another ¢3,000 for the 16 kilometre trip.


But, a visiting couple go the screwing within their first hour of their arrival, paying an unscrupulous “orange” (airport) taxi driver ¢70,000 colones, yep, you read it right, for a trip that should have cost ¢15,000 at most.

The credit card receipt showing the absurd charge of ¢70,000 colones for a ride from the San Jose airport to La Sabana

Susanna Peña, with a Telenoticias television crew, took to the task taking an ‘airport’ taxi to the same location of the visiting couple; the taxi meter clocking ¢14,120 colones for the 40 minute ride last Friday afternoon, during rush hour. Click here for the Telenoticias video.

Susanna Peña took a taxi from the airpor to La Sabana, the same location of the visiting couple and the meter on this orange taxi came to ¢14,120 colones.

There is now way a properly working taxi meter could arrive at such a charge on the credit card client receipt issued by the airport taxi driver.

A rate of ¢70,000 colones is from the airport to Playa Jaco or Puntarenas, for example.

A sad first impression.

According to Carolina Mora, spokesperson for the Aresep, the government agency responsible for taxi licenses, if the driver is identified he could face sanctions that range from a fine to losing the concession.

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