COSTA RICA NEWS — Although the main office of the state bank, the Banco Nacional denies a policy not allowing minor into a branch, a number of people have complained that is not the case at the Terramall branch.

Photo by Viviana Batalla, by way of La Nacion
Photo by Viviana Batalla, by way of La Nacion

Viviana Batalla told La Nacion that she and her husband were told they could not enter the branch with their child.

“We had been in the bank, there was no security guard. I left the bank with my son, then realized I left something inside. When I returned there was a guard, who told me I could not enter with mY son, saying it was a new policy,” said Batalla.

According to the woman, several other people were angry at the situation, including a 12 year old girl who was forced had to wait outside the bank, while her parents were inside.

Another person complaining of the same situation is Kattia Bermudez, who visited the branch on Saturday, when her minor daughter was not allowed inside.

By way of a press release the Banco Nacnion said there is no policy or guideline to prevent children from entering their branches and apologizes to those affected.

“It his happened, it is an isolated incident for which we sincerely apologize,” read the statement.


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