Ministers, Deputy Ministers and CEO’s of public institutions are expected to abide by a strict set of rules of conduct by President Luis Guillermo Solís.

Among the items that will be a no-no for the new ministers who start at their new jobs tomorrow are no plaques with their name on public works or receive gifts, all with the aim of combating influence peddling and “clienelismo”, a Spanish term that can best described as not offering preferred services to “clients”.

The people closest to the president and exert much influence on the direction of the country have been asked to sign a commitment that contains 12 ethical standards of conduct.

The text was drafted by the Ministro de Obras Públicas y Transportes (Minister of Public Works and Transport), Carlos Segnini, along with a group of lawyers, at the request of the President.

Following is a summary of the 12 Solís comandments:

1. Exclusive dedication, no part-time jobs or positions.

2. Travel abroad only when strictly necessary.

3. No use of official vehicles and drivers outside the official capacity.

4. Hiring of external consultants only and when strictly necessary, the work cannot be carried out by a public official (already on the payroll).

5. Cannot use government resources for personal correspondences.

6. No alcohol at public functions, save when necessary for “ceremonial” activities.

7. Use office supplies and equipment only when necessary.

8. Forbidden to accept gifts of any kind or value from the private or public sector.

9. Public resources cannot be used for advertising and propaganda expenses.

10. Respect and honour the proposed government program proposed to the people.

11. Respect the Constitution and respect for all laws and decrees that regulate the functioning of the institution they head. That is, no influence peddling or use of public resources to promote political and economic interests.

12. No names of plaques for public works, nor the placement of their photos in public spaces of the institutions they lead.

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