Investigators of the Organismo de Investigació Judicial (OIJ) and security personnel of the Banco Nacional (BN) have yet to recover the missing ¢378 million colones taken from the Cobano branch of the BN by its former manager.

Authorities have come up empty handed in raids of several homes of family and frends of Juan Carlos Quesada, who turned himself in days after the January 21, 2013, robbery.

The raid included the home of Quesada’s mother in Las Lomas de El Carmen en Tilarán and that of his brothers in ciudadela Juan XXIII and that of an aunt in Barrio Corazón de Jesús en Liberia.

Quesada told investigators he acted alone and video of the bank’s vault confirmed his version.

The former bank manager is currently in preventive detention (jail) awaiting his day in court on charges of embezzlement. But, the money is still out there and Quesada is telling investigators everything except where the money is and/or who has it.

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