The aftermath of a shootout in Paso Ancho, in the area of La Guacamaya, Thursday night. Adrian Soto / La Nacion

Q COSTA RICA – Four men were killed on Thursday in a four-hour period in Pavas, Paso Ancho and Tibas, in what authorities believe is pay-back, acts of revenge, linked to organized crime and the illegal drug trade.

In Paso Ancho, the bodies were 150 meters (500 feet or one and a half block) from each other.

José Francisco Cordero, deputy regional director of the Fuerza Publica (national police) in San Jose, explained that all four men died from gunshot wounds.

In the case in Pavas, police were alerted by a “confidential” caller of someone being beating inside a house. When police arrived at the scene in an “alameda” (passageway between row housing) in Los Negros en finca San Juan de Pavas, they found a man tied and gagged and beside him a body, and a .38 caliber revolver explained Cordero.

In Paso Ancho, an apparent shootout left two men on motorcycles dead and a bullet-ridden vehicle close by.

In Las Tenis, in León XIII, Tibas, 38-year-old Juan Marín Sandí was shot dead inside his house. No details were given by police.

In Tibas Thursday night, police block off an area as they investigate the murder of a man, shot inside his house

Q Analysis

In the past several months murders linked to vengeance and the drug trafficking trade has been a daily occurrence. Shootouts have become common as authorities struggle to get a handle on the situation.

In a Q report in May, the lucrative narco business in Costa Rica and controlling the streets is the cause of many of murders, with the number of murders soaring in the last 5 years; today there is on average a murder every 14 hours.

On June 19, the Q reported of the change in the business model of narcos resulting in an oversupply of illegal drugs in the country, Costa Rican traffickers have gone from receiving dollars (cash) as payment for their transportation and storage services to receiving drugs as payment.

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