La Habana (Havana), Cuba
La Habana (Havana), Cuba

TICO BULL – As the U.S. and Cuba move to normalize relations and the dawning of a new era for the Cold War foes, I realize many don’t know much about Cuba.

I’ve been there a couple of times. So I found it curious when I landed on this list of absurd prohibitions in Cuba, reminding me of my visits to the country, more than a decade ago and the stories of some of my Cuban friends in Costa Rica.

The list was prepared by Cuban blogger Yusnaby Pérez, living in La Habana and published on her blog. I did my best to translate it in a way we can all understand, the words at least.

Some of the most absurd prohibitions in Cuba (from

1. Cubans are forbidden to access the internet in their home or cellular phones
2. Operate tourist boats
3. Contract cable television services
4. Living in the city of Havana without permission
5. Manifest
6. Have dual citizenship
7. Invest in medium and large businesses
8. Import wireless microphones, walkie talkies and satellite communications equipment
9. Political parties are prohibited
10. Kill a cow. (Beef is exclusively for tourist consumption)
11. Invite a foreigner to spend the night in their home
12. Sell lobster or shrimp
13. Be outside of Cuba for more than 2 years
14. Give a foreigner a ride in a private vehicle
15. Educate their children alternatively to the state system
16. Bring in the country more than 25 false nails
17. Get private medical attention
18. Bring donations to Cuba
19. Belong to an independent workers union
20. Criticize government leaders
21. Transport food from one province to another
22. Return to live in Cuba after emigrating
23. Organize any sport or artistic performance without government permission
24. Private media communications
25. Distribute information from US government agencies or private entities

I suggest you use the Google translator for the details Yusnaby gives with each prohibition, The comments posted on her blog are really interesting as well.


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