Ownership of the desk of “Don Pepe” (Jose Maria Figueres Ferrer) was officially transferred this Saturday by the Ministry of the Presidency to the José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center, where it has been located for the last 21 years.

The desk was used by the former president in his three presidential terms: 1948-1949, 1953-1958 and 1970-1974.

The transfer was made through a donation signature between the Deputy Minister of the Presidency in Political Affairs and Citizen Dialogue, Nancy Marín Espinoza, and the director of the José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center, Hugo Pineda Villegas.

The event was part of the activities commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Abolition of the Army in Costa Rica, which took place this Saturday, December 1, at the National Museum and Plaza de la Democracia in downtown San Jose.

As president of the Founding Board of the Second Republic, Figueres Ferrer formalized the abolishing of the army in a historic and symbolic act that took place in the Bellavista Barracks (today National Museum).

For Pineda, having the desk as part of the historic collection of the Center, “is very important because it consolidates the conformation of the institution’s collection”.

“In addition, it is very symbolic to have this asset that belonged to the former president because it strengthens the living monument to the democratic thought that was promoted by him,” he said.

According to the curator and art historian and director of the Calderón Guardia Museum, Luis Núñez, the desk was possibly created in the Casa Presidencial workshops; It is made of wood and is comes apart in three parts: two drawer bodies (seven in total) and an upper envelope.

The José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center, located in San Ramón de Alajuela, is an institution attached to the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud (Ministry of Culture and Youth), whose purpose is to promote art and promote culture, as a way to strengthen democratic values in Costa Rica.

Source: Casa Presidencial

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