QCOSTARICA BLOG – The construct of defining and then solving the many critical problems facing Costa Rica is pretty much the same as the flawed process in the decision-making scenario of Pontius Pilate, the time of Jesus.

He had no tangible problem with Jesus; he just decided to wash his hands of the outcome thereby avoiding condemnation. In addition Pilate, much like our government, ignored the message, underestimated the “wants” of his followers, moreover, never really understood the Jesus movement in the first place and blindly went forward to allow the crucifixion.

In Costa Rica, we are something similar but certainly not as earth shattering. We have a president who keeps on saying, “Yes I agree, I will appoint a commission to research that proposal or need.”

Exactly what Pilate should have done. Set up a research committee that would take years to come back with any type of suggestion, then run it before the legislator and after that the courts to test the constitutionality and offer Jesus a “Think Tank subsidy to keep him busy”

Every day I am reading how Costa Rica is dead broke, owes more than it could every repay but is both ready and willing to sell our soul and make another financial deal with the devil. In this case China.

If we take a hard look at Africa, even closer to home in Ecuador, Chinese funds always come with super tight strings attached. There is a price, sometimes the price tag is big. Sure, they built the National Stadium, but that’s just it. The Stadium was built with Chinese architects, Chinese engineers, Chinese labor and duty-free Chinese products. Costa Rica donated the land.

Are the proposals for Route 32 and RECOPE similar to the new request to obtain a US$1 Billion Chinese loan just another spider web?

With every loan and every project Costa Rica gives up more and more of its sovereignty until it is all gone. We now want the loan to cover government expenses this and next year. Does anyone think that the price tag might be pretty stiff, sort of like a “Pay Day” loan operation?

My advice is that Costa Rica needs to suck it up, pay the crummy taxes, cut back on national spending and frankly, “bite the austerity bullet”. Borrowing more money only translates to more and more debt that cannot be repaid.

We focus on short term solutions to long term issues and this government will certainly wash its hands much like did Pilate. And, things did not turn out so good for him.

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