COSTA RICA NEWS – Of the 81 cantons around the country, 59 have voted to let the taps flow on September 15, while 12 said no and 9 others have yet to decide.

September 15 is a legal holiday in Costa Rica, this year commemorating the 193rd anniversary of independence.

San José is one of the cantons where there is no prohibition this year. The head of the Municipal Police, Marcelo Solano, confirmed that alcohol will be flowing free this long weekend. However, added the police chief, “only licensed establishments” can sell liquor and there will be a no tolerance for consuming it in public, that includes during the traditional parades.

In June 2012, municipalities can decided where to apply the country’s “ley seca” (dry law). Article 26 of the Ley N° 9047 de Regulación y Comercialización de Bebidas con Contenido Alcohólico, states that municipalities have the authority to regulate the sale of alcoholic beverages. Before that any prohibition was country wide, regulated by the central government.

In Moravia, northeast of San José. mayor Juan Pablo Hernandez, said the canton will be “dry”. This will be the third consecutive year that Moravia is dry on Sep. 15.

Prohibition by province:

Guanacaste: Liberia

Puntarenas: Esparza

San José: Aserrí, Alajuelita, Montes de Oca (San Pedro), Goicoechea, Moravia

Alajuela: Palmares

Cartago: Turrialba; Cartago centre

Heredia: Santa Barbara, Santo Domingo

Limón: no prohibitions

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