COSTA RICA NEWS — In a country with serious public infrastructure problems, world class construction companies have to look for projects in other markets.

Photo for illustrative purposes. From Livingabroadincostarica
Photo for illustrative purposes. From Livingabroadincostarica

Added to the slow pace of defining and implementing public works is the small amount of construction projects being developed in the country, compared, for example, with the Panamanian economy.  For this and other reasons Costa Rican construction companies are choosing to seek business in Central America, where “… they offer companies a greater number of contracts and certainty that these projects will be implemented at short notice.”

Guillermo Carazo, president of the Costa Rican Construction Chamber told “… ‘In other countries they say they are going to make a road and they do it. Also, in recent years, construction in Costa Rica (has been) less’. ”

“… When deciding to expand operations, construction companies have to face more rigorous admissions processes than those experienced in Costa Rica. Moreover, in these countries they tend to be more strict about requiring delivery of occupational safety, environmental permits and other requirements. ”


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