COSTA RICA NEWS — Consumers and mErchants expressed outrage at the confession by President Luis Guillermo Solís that he didn’t know anything about the requested increase of 13% in electricity rates by the State utility, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE).

591588-electricitymeter-1376772302-776-640x480The president of the ICE , Carlos Obregón, announced on Tuesday that higher electrical rates would go into effect starting January (2015), this while President Solís was telling reports not to know any information of the rate change.

With the increase request, the recent reduction in rates in effect last month will be back to the rate level of last July.

High electrical rates in the country are being blamed for the departure of major manufacturing companies like Intel.

Lower electrical rates is one of the presidential campaign promises by Solís.

The rate increase requeste by ICE would add ¢680  to the monthly bill of a typical family that today pays ¢17.600 colones, raising the cost to ¢18.280.

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