The Maria Aguilar river runs on the south side of San Jose, crossing areas like the Hatillos

QCOSTARICA | Health officials have been unable to determine what caused the Maria Aguilar river to run red for a few hours, saying the time between the alert by residents and THE visit by officials made it impossible to know what caused the anomaly.

The deputy minister of Health, Maria Ester Anchia, said in the Nuestra Voz radio program, residents should immediately alert authorities so that they can carry out the necessary investigations to determine the cause and/or place of origin of the problem.

It is not uncommon in Costa Rica for homes and businesses to discharge their outflow directly into the rivers.

In San Jose, the waste water (aguas negras in Spanish) is now being diverted into water treatment plant located in La Uruca before water is dumped into the Virilla river, a major river that crosses the greater metropolitan area of San Jose and flows into the Pacific. The La Uruca plant is one of three to be built in the Central Valley within the next decade, the other two are to be located in Heredia and Cartago.

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