It’s hard to resist. Every time I visit Pricesmart, my (big) nose, and watering eyes head for the roasted chicken. But, no, not today is the conclusion at every visit. Well, almost every visit, until Sunday last, when I gave in.

Who can resist? Most of the times the chicken never makes it out of the plastic packaging to the plate.

At ¢2,995 colones (US$5.34) how can one resist? I mean, it costs less than the uncooked chicken. You take it home, rip away the parts you want most, the rest for later, and enjoy.

You could say it is addictive. But why?

I tried to get the answer from some of the people I have gotten to know at Pricesmart in Escazu and now the new in Santa Ana, but, the answer is the same: I don’t know.

The answer, I think, likes in an article on, from editors, from on the truth behind Costco’s $5 rotisserie chicken.

Although Costco and Pricesmart are two separate companies and different parts of the world – Costco in Canada and the United States, while Pricesmart from Mexico down to Colombia –  the two don’t meet, learned that on a trip to a Costco in Toronto (Canada) when I asked if my Pricesmart card was accepted. Pricesmart? Never heard of it. Uh?

Besides the size, is a lot smaller in Costa Rica, the store layout, and concept, the brands, even the signature brand, Kirkland, all the same. And the roasted chicken. Like twins denying being related to each other.

So, it was of interesting reading the article and the curiosity of Dr. Oz who wanted to find out the same as I and I think most of you reading this why the roasted chicken is so addictive?

Dr. Oz has food journalist Mark Schatzker on his show for the answer. Schatzker revealed that rotisserie chicken is often processed, meaning the bird is “pre-seasoned in factories” and then shipped to supermarkets where “an employee can put it on the skewer and cook it.”

The tender meat often contains several ingredients including sugar and salt — even going so far to compare it a potato chip. In addition, the skin is flavored with MSG, sugar and other natural flavors. This combination helps explain why we can’t have enough of the chicken.

However, despite exposing some truths about this dinner table favorite, Dr. Oz Says, that it may be “one of the healthiest processed foods out there … and taking off the skin to keep it healthier.”

I won’t argue with Dr. Oz and no way am I going to give up that addiction, just have to control it, maybe down to once in a while or some, and not at every visit, which is usually one or two a week.


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