So the U.S. used Costa Rica, and I suspect paid that country, it people, to launch a social Website that challenges Cuba’s politics.

So what?

Costa Rica has sat on the sidelines, cozied up to Venezuela as well as Cuba not to mention China for no other reason than economic gain. “We sell our soul for money,” (The mantra of a veteran prostitute near Hotel del Rey.)

If the U.S. sits alone and does nothing it is weak, it is a country of “wimps,” it has lost influence in Latin America, which might in fact be the case. And all this is because of President, Barrack Obama. (Sure!)

While he is not the cure, he certainly as hell is not the cause.

Cuba marches to the beat of its own drummer while Costa Rica keeps on searching for that drummer to give our country a new beat, a rhythm we can march with.

Despite eight years of the same political party which incorporated a Nobel Laureate, the bottom line is Laura Chinchilla leaves us in an abyss. We have not defined direction and only wait for what Luis Guillermo Solis and his team have to offer for the next four short years.

The U.S. gives Costa Rica, officially, untold millions in social as well as military assistance. In other words, “help”.

What our adopted country lacks is “gratitude”.

Given any, God forgive us a “calamity.” Even a fallen bridge, the United States government has been there to make life better but has more often than not never taken public credit.

As an expat, I am tired of the bashing, be it direct or by Tico innuendo.

So what that Ticos were employed to develop a social Website to insight, out of 11 million people, a total of 40,000 who are using it? What is the big deal? A 40 thousand Site is not very popular when you consider both Lorde and Katy Perry are well over a million “clicks”.

Moreover, why has CR suddenly become the best friend of both Cuba and Madero in Venezuela?

My God, these kids who demand their wants are being killed or imprisoned. They are ours, our blood and our love. Let them be dreamers of the cause, the future and never allow them to drop off from those dreams or be willing to snuff out the future.

Personally, I am very much against communism and the inherent dictatorship that goes along with that political philosophy. But again, “So what?”

My answer to inequality is and always has been to make poor people rich, not rich people poor.

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