Image from La Prensa. Click here for enlarge.
Image from La Prensa. Click here for enlarge.

TODAY NICARAGUA NEWS  — What are the chances? One in a million? Billion? The fact that Nicaragua is no more than a speck of dust on the world map, occupying only 0.026 percent of the Earth surface, how did it pull off the cosmic lottery on Saturday, September 6 and get hit with a meteorite.

Mores, according to critics, it landed in an unpopulated area of sprawling Managua with nearly 1.5 million people and in a restricted area of the Army.

The incident if full of hypothesis and speculation. It has also generated all kinds of jokes, especially from an unbeliever population.

Some experts embraced the assumption that the explosion had to be from the asteroid 2014 RC, but others, including Nicaraguan and NASA astronomers, ruled out the possibility moments from when the government announced it.

Officials said they “thanked God” there were no injuries as the rock landed in Managua, a sprawling city of 1.2 million people, where it left a crater 12 metres wide and 5m deep.

Dr. Dan Brown, an astronomer at Nottingham Trent University, told The Telegraph in England: “The possible meteorite impact in Nicaragua, linked with the asteroid 2014 RC which flew by Earth, raises interesting questions.

“Although the impact occurred roughly 12 hours before the asteroid passed Earth, that part of the planet was facing in the right direction for it to have been a fragment associated with it.

More than a week later we still don’t know what happened. Authorities said it would be asking international scientists to investigate.


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