The thermal pools are heated from a natural hot spring, common in the area around the Arenal volcano, in La Fortuna

COSTA RICA EXTRA — The largest waterpark in Costa Rica has opened in the Arenal region, with the unique bonus that it has been built on top of a hot springs.

Located just outside of La Fortuna de San Carlos, Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park combines the health benefits of the hydrothermal attraction with the fun of a waterpark. Facilities include a restaurant, pool bar and four water slides.

For children, an interactive area with water cannons and a giant tipping bucket is featured. The largest slide – The Mammoth – is 12.6m (41.3ft) high and 114m (374ft) in length, while three smaller slides are known as Cyclone, Tornado and Avalanche are all built into a single tower.

The park’s two pools are heated directly from a volcanic hot spring. The thermal pools offer relaxation after a day of activity in the rest of the waterpark, with the park promoting the healing waters reducing pressure on joints and muscles with the park also touting added curative abilities of the waters helping metabolism in the body.

Article first appeared on Costa Rica Extra, reposted with permission

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