Residents of Sabanilla de Montes de Oca grew tired of the assaults and devised a simple way to warn others to be careful, posting flyers in areas where most assaults occur.

Flyers posted by residents warning of assaults after 8pm.

One of those signs was at the UNED bus stop, telling users of the danger after 8 pm.

“Given the lack of action from the authorities, we ask you to take the necessary precautions and report 911 in the event of an assault,” the flyer states.

Residents took the unusual action after noticing since January a rise in crimes in their area and given the poor police response, they needed something done.

The residents warn that most of the assaults are by criminals on motorbikes or in cars, attacking mostly victims on foot. Many are university students or workers of the UNED.

According to OIJ statistics, the days with the most assaults in Sabanilla are Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Mondays, with the majority of victims being men.

The OIJ confirms that San José is the province with the most assaults, followed by Alajuela and Heredia, while Guanacaste has the least.

The Ministry of Public Security (MSP) says it maintains patrols in Sabanilla in order to lower the number of assaults, but can not cope with the rise in crime in the area.

The ministry recommends not wearing jewelry in public, not carry your cell phone in hand and avoid walking the streets at night.

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