Cruzrojistas attend the "Reina de la Noche" who had bruises on her face, arms and other parts. Photo: Dairo Extra
Cruzrojistas (Paramedics) attend the “Reina de la Noche” who had bruises on her face, arms and other parts. Photo: Dairo Extra

QCOSTARICA – The sex business does not always have a happy ending. That is the case of a woman identified as Xiomara, who last night was seriously injured after being thrown from a moving car.

The 24 year old sex social worker (prostitute) is well known in the area of Hatillo and barrio María Auxiliadora, an area were woman offer their sexual services to drivers passing by.

In fact, in the area she goes by the street names “La Cofi” or “La Reina de la Noche” (the night queen) because she can service up to a dozen on more men in one single night, and is well known to local police.

Last night was no different.

It was around 6:00pm (just as night was falling on San José), when four men in a SUV approached, offered to pay for anal and oral sex.

Off she went.

After a little more than an hour the men drove by Hatillo again, throwing her out of the moving vehicle, then ran over her, causing severe damage to her legs.

Xiomara, scantily dressed, was bloodied all over due to the impact with the vehicle and the alleged sexual encounter with the four men, when paramedics arrived at the scene.

La Reina, was taken to the local hospital where she is recovering.

Sourcce: Diario Extra

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