QEXTRA! This does not happen every day, but since Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, aka as ‘Thor’ frequently visits Costa Rica, you should always check the tables at the airport – or any place you might spot him – because he may just leave behind his wallet.

Honest teenager returns Thor's wallet and receives an enormous reward
Honest teenager returns Thor’s wallet and receives an enormous reward

That is exactly what happened to Hemsworth, who left his wallet in a Los Angeles restaurant. But thanks to an honest 17-year-old, Tristin Budzyn-Baker, he got it back.

“I looked up at my mom and was like, ‘ma, do you know who this is?'” he recounted Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (H/T Mashable). “We found Thor’s wallet.”

We can only hope that if Thor does leave behind his wallet while in Costa Rica, there are enough “honest” people like Budzyn-Baker, who instead of pocketing it, tracked down Hemsworth and returned the wallet full of cash.

“I expected it was going to be empty, and all the cash was in there” Hemsworth said on Ellen, sitting beside Budzyn-Baker.

In return, the teen scored his family some tickets, a stack of wash from Hemsworth and a $10,000 reward from the publishing service, Shutterfly. Budzyn-Baker, a boy scout, also got a letter of recommendation from Hemsworth for the Eagle Scout award.

“Thank you for being such an honest guy,” DeGeneres said.

Thor’s brother, Loki, could not be reached for comment.


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