COSTA RICA NEWS – Authorities in Costa Rica categorized as a major disaster the violence and public disorder following the defeat of La Sele Saturday, as people went crazy.

As a result of the craziness that overtook people, some 50 persons ended up in hospital and 90 wound up behind bars. In places like the Fuente de la Hispanidad, the Plaza de la Democracia and Plaza de la Culura, in San José, it was total chaos.

Authorities say most of the incidents of violence were related to excess liquor, generated street fights. Police resources were spread thin in their attempt to respond all the incidents.

Francisco Cordero, deputy director de la Fuerza Pública (police) in San José, confirmed that dozens of street fights broke out, resulting dozens requiring medical attention.

Though not directly attributed to the World Cup game results, three deaths were recorded between Saturday night and Sunday morning, in  San José, Santa Ana,and Alajuela.

The first murder was within minutes of the end of the football game Saturday, when at 5:15pm police were at the murder scene in Cubilla de Pozos de Santa Ana, where 49 year old man, Bernal Marin Delgado had been stabbed to death. The incident occurred after two men had been involved in a heated argument. The aggressor was apprehened after he slammed his motorcycle into a light post in his getaway attempt.

Hours later,  at 10:30pm, Marlon Soto Cubillo, 28 years of age, was found dead near a bridge in San José de Alajuela. Cubillo had been shot in the head, police finding the weapon used in the murder at the side of the victim.

In San José, around midnight, 24 year old Bernal Robinson Ledezma arrived with a stab wound at the Hospital Calderón Guardia, in San José, where he later died. Authorities say the man had been involved in a fight in La Trinidad de Moravia, possibly due to the game results.

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