The Ruta 27, commonly known as the San José – Caldera, was opened in 2010

(QCOSTARICA) — The annual report by the Laboratory of Materials and Structural Models of the University of Costa Rica (LANAMME) on the Ruta 27, the San José – Caldera, says of the four radials (intersections) connecting with surrounding roads, three require immediate reconstruction.

The exits in question are the El Coyol, Turrucares and Atenas according to the LANAMME.

The coordinator of Bridges, Roy Barrantes, explains that the problems have to do with structural capacity and pavement quality, both being inadequate.

The only radial getting a good score by the experts is the Escobal, however, Barrantes said that this does not mean it doesn’t require maintenance.

The engineer added that the conditions of the radials are not acceptable for a project of grand scale such as the Ruta 27 and that once the concession expires, the concessionaire, Autopistas del Sol (Globalvia), must deliver the work without any structural problems.

One of the issues of great concern to the LANAMME are the slippery sections along the route, produced by wear and tear on the pavement or vehicle pollution.

The situation causes drivers to be at risk, as it affects braking, especially at high speed.

Some of the recommendations to deal with the situation is a reduction in the speed limit on certain sections, improve road signaling or improving the top asphalt layer.

The Ruta 27 was opened in 2010.

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