COSTA RICA NEWS — Three judicial agents were authorized to access the Police Information System, to do a search on private information of Keylor Navas confirmed the director of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ), Francisco Segura.

Keylor Navas
Keylor Navas

Segura said that he gave permission to three of his agents, part of a process done on people whose public profile may make them subject of criminals.

“In this case, the profile of this ‘muchacho’ (boy in Spanish) and his family changed because of the multimillion dollar contracts. We tried to give him security counselling,” said Segura,

The director explained that the search of Plataforma de Información Policial was done by an analyst in Perez Zeledon, Navas’ home town and two officials that investigate kidnappings and various crimes.

“We approached the family, explained to them to be careful because of their new public profile. For our investigators to provide this analysis we had to make valid inquiries,” he added.

According to the director, the other 24 agents (three OIJ agents and 21 prosecutors), who access the database were not authorized and are now facing disciplinary action.

According to the Poder Judicial log, between June and October, a total of 51 searches were made on Navas and his family (sisters).

Navas obtained stardom with his World Cup 2014 performance, that led him to a contract with the Spanish soccer club, Real Madrid.


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