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QCOSTARICA – A 31 year-old Costa Rican, identified by his last name, Oconitrillo, was arrested Thursday by the International Police (Interpol) for the alleged dissemination of child pornography.

The man was arrested in home in Escazu, with the cooperation of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ).

Authorities say they detention took place while another 200 searches in 20 countries taking place, part of the Interpol operation called “Without Borders” that began three months ago.

In the investigation, the different countries provided IP addresses of computers from which, apparently shared pornography of minors.

Interpol experts ruled out some of the confirmed cases and others. Based on this information, we proceeded to the simultaneous raids.

The police operations included other countries such as the Dominican Republic; Trinidad and Tobago; Jamaica; U.S.; Mexico; Guatemala; Costa Rica; Panama; Colombia; Peru; Venezuela; Paraguay; Uruguay; Chile; Brazil; Argentina and Spain.

Yesterday, authorities did not specify whether the detainees shared information with each other or if sent to others.

One of the most talked arrests took place in Guatemala, that of a 26 year-old grade school teacher, who viewed, downloaded and distributing child pornography.

Interpol said it would in the coming days be releasing detailed results of their work.

Source: La Nacion

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