Seven Costa Rican companies will offer their products this week at a trade fair in Chicago, through their participation in the exhibition PLMA 2012.

This event is considered the largest private label division in the world and the Costa Rican participation was achieved through the coordination of the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer).

It has been performed for more than 30 years in the Rosemont Convention Center and is organized by the Association of Private Label Manufacturers of America.

This year there will be more than 2,000 exhibition booths among food, snacks, drinks, household items and kitchen products, general merchandise, health and cosmetics. All participants were pre tested and approved by the Association to display their goods.

The seven Costa Rican companies will have items that include dressings, jams, condensed milk, pineapple juice, exotic fruit dressings, mayonnaise, spicy and exotic sauces, syrups, mustard, mayonnaise, cheese, juices, nectars, coffee drinks, smoothies, tuna and sardines, flour and corn snacks, Procomer said.

We wish all 7 companies from our beautiful little country the best of luck!

Via Costa Rica North

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