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COSTA RICA EXTRA – The coffee shop 12 Corners, owned by Costa Rican Wally Corrales, has been ranked the best in New York city, according to Lauren Browning, a blogger for Business Insider.

In her article, “The 10 Best Coffee Shops in New York City“, Lauren says 12 Corners offers a delicious array of beverages, pastries, and sandwiches. 12 Corners has a welcoming ambiance and incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff to ensure you have an amazing experience every time.

“Not only do they serve good coffee and pastries but there’s good service!” Yelp reviewer Chuck P. said. “The staffs knows how to make people feel comfortable when they walked in, they have good manners, attentive and friendly. This is the place you should be at every single day.”

Lauren says she was able to give us the best coffee in New York City has to offer with the help from Yelp reviewers.

“12 Corners is not just a regular coffee shop, is more like a ‘state of mind’ where you can have your breakfast or coffee in complete relax thanks to the Owners and the Staff!”  Willy N. of New York, NY, says on Yelp.

The praise from the Business Insider is not the first for this Tico owned coffee shop, last year Forbes Magazine rated 12 corners second place in best cafes, and for two consecutive years, CBS New York ranked it first place for their “pumpkin spice latte” recipe.

12 Corners opened in August 2012 and is located on 155 East Broadway, b/t East Broadway & Pike St in Lower East Side.

Article first appeared on Costa Rica Extra, reposted with permission

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