Costa Ricans tend to drink less often than others in Latin America, but on averagedrink more at each outing

(QCOSTARICA) Comparing to Latin America, Costa Ricans drink liquor fewer days a week, but consume more than the average when they do, says a study on alcohol consumption patterns, the Estudio sobre Patrones de Consumo de Alcohol de la Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO).

Research also indicates that Ticos consumed alcohol on at least two days a week five years ago and no do so only once a week on average. However, as for the amount of liquor consumed in a single occasion, the research shows that Costa Ricans have 6.4 drinks per outing, while the average in Latin America is 5.6.

Click here for the PDF document titled Consumo de Bebidas Alcoholicas en Adultos de Costa Rica.

FLACSO director, Jorge Mora, said that the number of drinkers overall in the country is down, with 44% of the people in the country currently consuming alcohol, while in 2009 the figure was 57%.

The study shows that 28% of the drinkers in the country say they do so for fun, 27% because they like the taste and 11% to help them relax. The most common days for drinking are Fridays and Saturdays, with the largest number of drinkers doing so on Saturdays.

Gisela Sánchez, Director of Corporate Relations Florida Bebidas, said that while Costa Rica has a lower consumption of liquor compared to the rest of Latin America, they should do so responsible and stop drinking so much in one single outing. Florida Bebidas is the country’s beer company and importer of many liquor brands, in addition to bottled water, juices, soft drinks and milk.

The study was done between November and December 2014 (ending on Dec. 18), taking in the response of 1,800 people across the country, between the ages of 18 and 65.

Interesting titbit from the research is that men tend to drink more alcohol than women, more liquor is consumed in urban areas than in rural areas and 70% of adults who consume alcohol do so in moderation.

Screen captures from the FLACSO report.

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