A Costa Rican flag wages in front of the Hotel Mendes Plaza is located in the middle of Sao Paulo, a short distance from the beach.

A flag of Costa Rica waves in front of the Hotel Mendes Plaza, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the temporary home of Costa Rica’s national team.

The red, white and blue also can be seen in nearly hotels and where Costa Ricans are staying while in Brazil for the World Cup games.

At the Mendes Plaza, the Costa Rican team has the entire fifth floor and part of the third. They have shops nearby, a pool, lounge with a big screen (where we can assume they will be watching the games).

In general, La Sele will be living according to American hotel stanads, which are larger than typical Brazilian hotel rooms.

Rafael Vargas, secretary general of the Fedefútbol (Costa Rica soccer federation) said the owners of the hotel have been very accommodating, taking care to provide the best amenities.

And with their load of rice and beans and sauces from home, the Ticos will be living like kings!

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