File photos; Walmart store in San Sebastian (San José)
File photo. Walmart store in San Sebastian (San José)

QCOSTARICA – In an attempt not to repeat the mistakes of past years, Walmart said it is coordinating with the Fuerza Publica (police) and Policia de Transito (traffic police) and increased store security, during the “the cheapest day of the year” event, that starts at 7:00am Friday.

The chain will be offering unbelievable low prices on many products, including electronics, for 40 continuous hours, ending at midnight Saturday.

The increased security is to avoid problems of customers changing prices on television screens and other items. Five years ago, a near riot broke out at the San Sebastian store, when customers found higher prices at the checkout. Many filed complaints with the National Consumer Commission.

Other retailers are holding similar sales, coinciding with pay-day and the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Cemaco, for example is having today a “Pajama Night”, keeping stores open until midnight. Gollo kicks off Friday its “Comptratón” (buy off) and Ekono continues with “Mes de Ekono Black” (Black Ekono Month). Universal has its “Gran dias Universal” (Great Universal days).

Back at Walmart, the retailer says television screens, cellular phones, tablets, clothes dryers, stoves and refrigerators, among other products, will have special discounts.

Mariela Pacheco, director of corporate relations for Walmart Costa Rica, explained groceries are not included in the special sale.

Cinthya Zapata, director of consumer advocacy of the Ministry of Economy, said customers should pay close attention to promotions and if buying for Christmas gifts, to remember warranties are only 30 days from purchase, any longer has to be negotiated with the retailer.

Zapata added that customers should inspect any merchandise and test electronics before leaving the store.

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