163599_chinchillaprimeromayo_gDue to the expectation of increased protests today, the Presidenta’s security will be tightened while she attends the celebration of Juan Santamaría Day in Alajuela Centre.

The celebration marks 157th anniversary remembering the heroic deeds of Juan Santamara in the Battle of Rivas that took place in Nicaragua on April 11, 1856.

Protests against the San José-San Ramón road have been announced, as residents of several Alajuela province communities are planning to give the Presidenta “the shoulder”.

The increased security is to avoid Presidenta Laura Chinchilla being exposed to any violent and/or confrontational situations that may arise.

The city of Alajuela also, though not necessarily related to the Presidenta’s security tightening, announced that the city Alajuela (not the province) will be dry. The objective of the measure is to maintain order during the celebrations.

In addition, the city of Alajuela said additional police units will be on hand to ensure order during the parade.

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