If you are planning on making the “romeria” (pilgrimage) to Basilica de los Angeles in Cartago, this guide that can surely help making it a safe one.

Foremost we ask that you consult your doctor of your physical condition and keep in mind that this year the train is another option, in addition to buses, getting a ride back with friends (who went by car) or taxi to get back home.

Do not take your pet(s) with you. The walk may too much on them and there is the chance they may get hurt and lost.

The head of Disaster Prevention and Preparedness at the Red Cross, Carlos Herrera, provided some tips:

  • Wear cotton clothing to allow for better breathability
  • Wear phosporescent or brigtht colours will help to be seen by drivers, especially at night
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen protection when walking by day. The sun doesn’t have to be shining to give you a sunburn
  • Bring two pairs of shoes and several pairs of socks. Change socks when they become most
  • Do not go barefoot. Don’t break blisters to avoid discomfort and infections
  • Bring a jacket/coat, it gets cold in Cartago, especially at night
  • Bring an umbrella, good for shelter from the rain or sun
  • Load a backpack with basics like toilet paper and a flashlight
  • Carry your ID and an emergency contact
  • Carry your medications and take them
  • Make stops along the way. This is not a race
  • Stretch before starting out
  • Avoid travelling alone. If you do, tell family or friend
  • Avoid bringing children. If you do, never lose sight of them
  • Eat fruits, energy bars or snacks, foods high in potassium such as bananas
  • Drink plenty of fluids, avoid dehydration

There are Red Cross posts to provide first aid along the route from Curridabat (east side of San José) to the Basilica.


Source: Cruz Roja

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