calendario-laboralQCOSTARICA – While it has many different names in different parts of America, in Costa Rica October 12 is celebrated as “Día de las Culturas”, some calling “Encuentro de Culturas”. A holiday that for some or many is not a holiday.

Not a holiday for some or many is that it is a “feriado de no pago obligatorio”, meaning if you are required to work, you only get paid your normal day salary.

This is established in Article 148 of the Labour Code.

This article warns that all workers, regardless of their job, have the right not to work; be it a small or large company, international or local.

The Labour Code says the employers are not required to pay the day’s salary is not worked. That is, if an employee works normally from Monday to Saturday, this week, the pay is only for Tuesday to Saturday. If the employee is required to work, the pay is normal. Unlike “pago obligatorio, where the day is paid as usual and double if required to work.

Where it gets complicated is if the salary is monthly or bi-monthly, the employee is paid their full salary regardless of they work or not. But if the day is worked, the employee gets an extra day’s pay. Working overtime is time and triple pay (double pay plus regular pay for the extra hours).

Despite it being a holiday, the only “for sure” closures are government banks and most professional offices. Retailers, for the most part, are open. So are restaurants, bars, etc.

If you happen to have a doctor/dentist appointment for today, best to call ahead to make sure the office is opened and the doctor/dentist is working.

Confused yet?

Enjoy the holiday. Remember, if you are thinking of heading to the beaches and resorts, keep in mind the traffic back to the city. The Ruta 27 (San Jose – Caldera) will become one way back from the Pacific, between Pozon and Cuidad Colon from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. More information is available at the Globalvia website.


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