Toncontin international airport

Q24N HONDURAS – The contract signed with the concessionaire of the next international airport of Honduras establishes that the Toncontin international airport must be closed down.

“At this moment” they, authorities of the  Secretaría de Finanzas (Sefin) y de Infraestructura y Servicios Públicos (Insep), want to change that contract.

In a demonstration of how insecure the signing of contracts for large public works projects can be in some countries on the isthmus, in the view of the government of Honduras “… the vision at this moment is to not close Toncontin and for Palmerola to start operating and look for a project that is feasible and profitable. ”

This comes after the expressions of opposition to the idea of closing Toncontin established in the concession contract with Palmerola, on the part of some groups of citizens for whom the closure of the Honduran Metropolitan Airport would harm their interests.

An article on Laprensa.hn points out that if Toncontin is not closed when Palmerola becomes operational, “… the government will have to pay compensation to the concessionaire of $800,000 a month.”

Lawyers in Tegucigalpa and in dispute resolution centers are already rubbing their hands together.

Source: laprensa.hn

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