Former vice-minister, Karina María Bolaños Picado, retracted her statements made to the Spanish magazine, Interviú, on alleged corruption in the Costa Rica government.

karinaKarina made the statements last September 7, part of her public outrage for being fired after a video of her in scanty clothing was made public. The video went viral making headlines in Costa Rica and half way around the world.

In the magazine inteview Karina lashed out at Presidenta Laura Chinchilla and her government, saying she (the Presidenta) only protects the corrupt.

Adrían Chinchilla Miranda, doña Laura’s brother, filed a libel lawsuit against Karina, and for that reason, this week, she appeared in court and stated the following:

“Me retracto de las manifestaciones que proferí para la revista española Interviú. Si con ellas ofendí al querellante le ofrezco mis sinceras disculpas, ya que no fue esa mi intención” (I retract the statements made to the Spanish magazine Interviú. If by doing so I offended the complainant I offer my sincered apologies, because that was not my intention).

Moisés Fachler, Karina’s lawyer, said the the apology statement is part of her getting on with her life. According to the lawyer, Karina intends to return to public life and is involved with a large group of the Liberación Nacional party.

Fachler added that there is sufficient evidence to prove Karina was being extorted after her personal computer was stolen.

Above is a screen capture of the video that brought Karina to the public eye and resulting in her dismissal. During the 56-second video which  was viewed by over a million people, Karina points at her breasts and invites a man she refers to as ‘little one’ to join her.

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